Membership in a church affords believers the opportunity to be involved in a mission that is larger than self. Membership in a community of believers provides encouragement, instruction, and protection. The words of Christ and the writings of Paul point to the importance of committing our lives to a local body of believers for mutual edification. And for this reason, we follow a three-step process by which one may join our church.

  1. Membership Class – A new member class is taught by the pastor two times per year. This lasts for six weeks and is held during the Sunday school hour.

  2. Membership Interview – After a prospective member completes the membership class, he or she will meet with two of the elders. This meeting includes sharing one’s personal testimony of salvation, affirmation of the church’s statement of faith, and discussion about how to become involved in the life of the church.

  3. Congregational Affirmation – Once an individual has completed the interview and been approved by the elders, one of the elders will officially introduce him or her to the congregation on a Sunday morning.