Young adults are at a crucial stage in their lives. Their minds are expanding, bodies are changing, and identities are solidifying.

IBC selects youth leaders who are capable teachers, gifted leaders and godly examples. Our current youth leader is a man with years of teaching experience, an outstanding communicator, equipped with practical skills and able to challenge the youth to walk with Christ. His assistant is a local business owner from the millennial generation who ups the “fun” and “cool” factors.

With all this in mind, we offer the following resources for grades 8-12:

• A Sunday school class focused upon the Word of God that aims to develop godly character

• Periodic activities designed for fun and fellowship

• Service opportunities to put faith into action.

• Monthly "flock group" gatherings where the church family gathers on a Sunday evening at a facility with a gym or at the home of one of our families. Youth typically eat and "run!"