We at IBC love and value children.  We work to accommodate children of all ages in our fellowship.

Morning Service – 9:00-10:20 am

We provide childcare for children from birth through 3 during the morning service. Our caregivers seek to make the most of every opportunity to express the love of Christ to children.

Fellowship Time – 10:25-11:40 am

Between the morning service and Sunday school, we enjoy getting to know one another. Beverages and light snacks are provided. We ask parents with children in the nursery to pick them up at this time. Children and parents are invited to attend our Morning Fellowship time.

Sunday School – 10:45-11:45 am

We have classes for children of all ages. The grade divisions are . . .

• Ages 2-3

• Ages 4-5

• Grades 1-2

• Grades 3-4

• Grades 5-7


We take seriously the safety of children under our care.

All nursery workers are responsible ladies from our congregation. For added protection we run a background check on all prospective nursery personnel. We also require at least two ladies to be present at all times.

Each Sunday school class is led by an experienced teacher and an assistant. There are always two adults present when classes meet.