All of our ministries exist to provide time for fellowship and discipleship. We are more about relationships than programs. Someone has said that we all need a Paul (someone older and more mature than us from whom we can benefit) and a Timothy (someone younger who can benefit from us). The ministries of our church are where you can find your mentor, mentee, or peer in Christ.

If you are a Christian who is looking for Christ-honoring relationships that promote Christ-likeness, then please come for a visit. We are not professing to be perfect—we know we have a long way to go. So do not feel like you have mask the real you in order to fit. In fact, we would encourage you to come as you are.


We at IBC love and value children. We work to accommodate children of all ages in our fellowship.
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We understand young adults are at a crucial stage in their lives and provide a variety of opportunities for them to grow in their faith.
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IBC offers many opportunities for ladies’ Bible study and fellowship.
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We have varied men's ministries available at IBC.
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IBC currently supports in prayer and contributes financially to the support of 9 missionary families in locations around the world.
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Our IBC Choir is composed of believers who enjoy singing praises to our Lord. We invite you to join us!
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